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Endpoint backup is a good place to start if you’re figuring out how to secure your network. In this blog post, you will learn how endpoint backup and recovery can improve the overall protection of your environment. Read more here:

VMware allows you to connect USB devices to virtual machines by using the USB passthrough feature. This blog post is covering ESXi USB passthrough, which is a useful feature supported by VMware vSphere. Read the blog post here:

Are you migrating from an email platform or an email client? Read this blog post to check how to export not only emails but also contacts. Check three possible scenarios to find a perfect fit for you:

What is IT Infrastructure Monitoring? Why is it so important? This blog post explains the main ideas, and why you should use monitoring tools for your servers and other network devices. Read the blog post here:

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Disruptions of business continuity are among the main threats to the fast-paced digital economy. A single unfortunate power outage may cost the business a market position, not to mention the financial costs of recovering systems…

Changing a mailbox status to inactive is a good option if administrators need to disable a Microsoft 365 account without deleting the data. The inactive mailbox account can’t send or receive emails. But what if you require data stored in an inactive email account? Learn the differences between recovering and restoring and how to perform both in this step-by-step guide: How to Recover Deleted Emails from Inactive Mailboxes in Office 365

Many think that OneDrive and other public clouds are invulnerable to ransomware. However, files stored in OneDrive can be corrupted, compromised, encrypted, and lost. Check our new blog post to learn when your data is the most vulnerable and how to build an effective ransomware protection strategy for OneDrive.

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More than ever, SMBs seek backup-as-a-service (BaaS) offerings to address their data protection challenges and reduce the cost of managing their own backup infrastructure. If you are an MSP delivering BaaS or looking to add BaaS to your managed IT service package, we’ve got just the event for you!


With ransomware attacks becoming more frequent and sophisticated than ever before, businesses struggle to stay ahead of cybercriminals. Instead of hoping to dodge the risk, the wise thing to do is to develop and implement a recovery plan before a breach happens.

Register for our free webinar to stay updated on the current state of ransomware, avoid data loss, and hone your response strategies.

During the webinar, you can learn about:

  • The latest ransomware facts and statistics
  • The cost of ransomware attacks
  • Common types of malware
  • Best ransomware protection and recovery strategies
  • NAKIVO’s data protection tools

You also get a chance to see a live demo of…

As this year draws to a close, business owners reflect on the main challenges of 2020 and assess the key trends of 2021. The COVID-19 outbreak at the beginning of this year has dramatically changed the business landscape. Small companies and big enterprises had to look for technologies that would facilitate their shift to remote work and make it more secure.

2020 Challenges for SMBs and Big Enterprises

Many businesses were not ready for the sudden shift to remote work or for the associated vulnerabilities. Therefore, the risk of data loss has naturally increased since the start of the pandemic. The new situation presented new opportunities for…


NAKIVO is a US-based corporation dedicated to developing the ultimate VM backup and site recovery solution:

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