How to Build an Effective VM Disaster Recovery Strategy

The number of businesses increases with every minute and so does the amount of data that they operate with. Thus, even a minor error can cause major disruptions in the organization’s system, which proves the importance of data protection. To overcome this issue, various disaster recovery (DR) strategies have been introduced

What Is a VM Disaster Recovery Strategy?

Key Elements of a Disaster Recovery Strategy

Disaster recovery metrics

Disaster recovery site

DR plan

Methods of DR testing

Disaster Recovery Control Measures

How to create an effective DR strategy

Perform risk assessment and a business impact analysis

Establish recovery priorities

Identify mission-critical data and applications and their recovery order

Evaluate resources of an organization

Conduct the technology inventory

Implement a comprehensive cost model

Define RTOs and RPOs

Establish WRT

Distribute roles and responsibilities within a recovery team

Ensure automation of the DR process

Follow the 3–2–1 rule

Review DR strategies in place

Regularly test and update DR strategies

How to Build a Disaster Recovery Strategy with NAKIVO Backup & Replication



Create a site recovery workflow

Test a site recovery workflow

Enable Network Mapping and Re-IP

Set up screenshot verification and automatic reports

Enable Job options

Perform staged VM replication


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